Why buy a design or embroidery shirt at all? Think about it. What really makes a team? Cooperation, togetherness yes but more than that. A uniform makes the team. If you have an athletic team you need them to be dress out. Come to us we can make it happen. Save a few pennies by going on line, NO. We are people you can talk to, you can come to our shop. You can even make last minute changes. Try that on-line. We can help you with designs.

We do shirts, jackets, throws, caps, t-shirts, collared shirts. In fact we do it all. Look at our samples page.

We love making matching shirts for you and your loved one. We even match shirts for your kids.

If you are in landscaping, ask about our plan to make your team more productive.

Ask about our guarantee. You can’t that that on-line. We have a fund raiser plan, come to our shop and get the details. Show your for your family. Dress them all in matching jackets! Raise money fro your charity. Have a walk and give away free shirts. We have a special low price for you.



 We want to work with you. We want clients NOT customers. A Client infers (like your doctor or lawyer) a continuing relationship. A customer may be a one-time encounter. (like a stop to an out of town gas station)

We love the concept of family.

We have special deals for family reunion shirts. Don’t forget to ask about our family reunion specials.  If money is no problem and

you have a wild idea. We also do super custom work. Bring your own shirts and we will “hook you up”.

 Do you have a favorite Bible passage that you live by. Bring it in a we will put it on a shirt for you.

Do you have a new “love of your life”

and you want to show him or her really how much you care? Bring in a picture of the two of you together and we wilt help you out.

We give the same care with a big job or a small job. But we can do big jobs. We have the tools. Click here to see.